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The following slide show depicts the restoration of a horse drawn sleigh from the 1800's. There is little information about this antique and it's history which makes it difficult to date or trace how damage occured.

It came to the studio of Woodmasters LLC to master craftsmen Wally Kunkel and David Pollak. There was varrying degrees of damage throughout. The right side, if you were sitting in the sleigh, had stains and a gogue to the back side panel, but overall the paint was bright and intact on the panels. The left side panels were considerably faded, possibly from the sun and water. There were numerous stains on the left back panel more so than anywhere else. Only the most egregious ones were corrected throughout the sleigh. 

The dark green paint inbetween the elaboratly carved molding was flaking and peeling  in areas throughout the piece. This was also corrected.

Small pieces of the carved molding that were missing were restored and painted to blend into the surrounding area. The runners and legs where they were weak and unstable were reinforced.Those repairs were also painted to blend into the surrounding area which included painting on water stains and aging it to match.

All of the repairs were done by David Pollak. The painting was done by Laura Spinner.


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